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The Wire: Mutant of Lightning by H-Voltage The Wire: Mutant of Lightning by H-Voltage

Character concept created by Chris Carter

Artwork provided by Gary Anderson

©All High Voltage characters and material was created, written by, and is copyright of Chris Carter. All Rights Reserved.

Character Profile

Real Name: Clyde Watts Clyde Watts by H-Voltage

Codename: Wire or The Wire

Species: Mutant

Team: High Voltage

Occupation: Student & Superhero

Birthday: October 8th

Age: 14-15 (during season 1)

Height: 5 feet and 5 inches / 165.1 centimeters

Weight: 111 lbs. / 50.3 kg

Debut Appearance: Pilot 

Biography: Clyde was born and raised in Shield City, USA. His father, Commissioner Steve Watts is head of the SCPD & his mother is the principal at the Charity Acres Middle School. During his early childhood, Clyde was always a bit of an outcast for being smarter than most people his age and for his timid and quiet personality. During his younger years, he was good friends with Matt Cache (a friend he has known since birth), Lamar Fuentes (later known as Flash Flood) and Sasha Banes (a girl he has known since kindergarten). Because of the bonds he made with these people, despite the fact that he was an outcast, they made his elementary and middle school days bearable.

When Clyde reached high school, it was his dream to change himself. He wanted to become more social, more outgoing and a stronger and confident individual… but he had no idea how to change himself. Since an accident occurred in the city and people stated changing into mutants, Clyde became a superhero known as Wire. Now that he has to shoulder the burden of being a savior to the city and maybe even bigger than the city, this geeky high school kid might get his wish of becoming a better version of himself… if he can survive long enough! 

Personality:  In terms of persona, Clyde tends to be timid, quiet and shy around people. When faced with a conflict, he tends to back down and never truly says what he wants to people. Clyde is a pacifist at heart, and the idea of conflict, even arguing, tends to make him squirm.  Because of his persona, he is easy to manipulate and is no stranger to bullies. Also, due to the fact that he is shy around people, Clyde has a very small circle of friends (mainly Matt Cache and later Mike Wright). Thanks to his father being a police officer, Clyde is also a straight arrow. He hates breaking rules, over thinks situations and assumes the worse when he has to break a rule.

Despite his flaws, Clyde is a very smart and wise boy… an old soul, if you will. He is also very polite and honest with everyone he meets. When most of his peers are busy partying, having a good time and goofing off, Clyde spends most of his time training his mind and prepping for his future. He believes that it is never too early to start off on a good path towards a bright future.

Hobbies: Reading novels & comic books, building action figure models, playing video games, being on the computer, playing collectible card games, strengthening his mind, watching movies, listening to music (70s, 80s, 90s, rock music, techno, rap & r&b), watching cartoons, museums, writing stories, superheroes, comic and video game conventions, and hanging around with friends.

Dislikes: Watching sports, jerks, bullies, physical activities, seeing people he cares for being hurt.

Powers & Abilities:

Since Wire gained the power to control lightning and electricity in general, here is a short list of things he can do during the 1st season (please keep in mind that his powers do continue to grow and change overtime):

-Lightning Blast: Wire has the ability to shoot a stream of lightning out of his hands.

-Lightning Ball: Like in his picture, Wire can create a ball of lightning in his hand and launch it at his opponent. He can also control the direction and movements of the lightning ball.

-Lightning Shield: Wire has the ability to create a spherical shield of lightning over himself in order to repel attacks.

-Lightning Punch: By forming electricity over his fists, he can give an opponent a nice electrical jolt with a slight punch.

-Lightning Kick: By forming electricity over his feet, he can give an opponent a nice electrical jolt with a slight kick.

-Hyper Mode: When pushed over the edge, Wire can tap into a deeper power within himself (a sort of willpower). This ability turns his whole body gold, his attacks become much more effective and he is able to push aside his feelings and fight at full potential.

Family: Commissioner Watts: Head of SCPD by H-Voltage Laura Watts by H-Voltage Evan Watts by H-Voltage Red Lightning: The Lightning Mutant by H-Voltage

Known Friends: Matt Cache by H-Voltage Mike Wright by H-Voltage Kai: The Molten Mutant by H-VoltageSahara: The Sand Mutant by H-VoltageToy Maker: The Genius Mutant by H-VoltageScarlet Hornet by H-VoltageRed Lightning: The Lightning Mutant by H-Voltage 

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The golden shades in costume form are really cool.
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