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These links are an important part of the High Voltage culture. If you are a fan of High Voltage or like the direction in which High Voltage is headed, I urge you to visit and share these links! Also be sure to follow High Voltage on these official social media sites!
As I said yesterday, I have just started a Kickstarter campaign for High Voltage:…

I am very serious about this... and I am going to post journals about this everyday until the campaign is finished.

If you truly support High Voltage and the vision I have built around it, please show your support by sharing my Kickstarter campaign with friends, family, forums you are part of, etc!

I realize that money is tight for many people and backing up the project may not feasible. I understand and respect that, so please help out by getting the word out :)!

Thank you,

Christopher (H-Voltage)…


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United States


To start off, my name is Chris Carter. I am 23 years of age, as well as a recent college grad. I'm a very hardworking and self-motivated individual ... and if I really want something, I will do everything in my power to get it. On another note, while I am vocal online, I tend to be very quiet and reserved in person. Ha... that's a trait I am trying to get over. Anyway, I consider myself to be a pretty simple guy. I enjoy music (mostly the old school stuff), I love seeing movies (especially superhero stuff), and I like to exercise during my free time or spend time reading books. Mostly, these days, my free time is consumed with listening to music and working on High Voltage… at the same time XD!

Since I was a kid, I have been interested primarily in the arts. Growing up, I read various comics ranging from DC heroes to Marvel heroes... heck, I was even into Sonic the Hedgehog comics as well XD. As an animation enthusiast, I enjoyed watching a plethora of great cartoons that both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon provided back in the day. Most of all, I was a gamer, a reader and a writer. These different forms of media allowed me to think outside the box and broaden my imagination. As such, when I got to college, I started to put into motion my own media creation. This creation is called High Voltage.


High Voltage is something I created back in high school. Of course, back then, it was just a writing project I did for fun and for school... and I had no intention of making anything of it. When I got to college and looked over my work, I really felt like I could make something of it. Looking over everything I came up with, I revised the entire original plot and script, added more characters and improved upon the overall story for this series. I suppose you can say that I officially start putting High Voltage in motion in early 2010.

My ultimate goal for High Voltage is to turn it into a TV series for an animation station. In addition to High Voltage, I would like to create another TV spin-off (Mana) and a comic spin-off (will be revealed later). Over the past four years, I have written nonstop for this series and have it pretty much completed with 5 seasons planned. Of course, High Voltage will never be truly complete until it actually becomes a TV series (and after I stop fiddling around with the episodes every time I read over them XD). While I choose not to disclose too much about the story (I try to be deliberately vague about the story), you can get a pretty good idea of what it entails by looking over the artwork, reading the character biographies and artwork descriptions. I want people to realize that High Voltage is more than just the artwork. There is a story being told with everything that is being created in my gallery. The artwork and everything you see in my gallery are just tools to help me pitch this series and get the right people interested when the time comes.


In order to get High Voltage into the realms of television, I have been talking to producers whenever I get the chance to. While no deals have been made at this time, I was given advice that making a comic based around the pilot may be a good starting point to get people interested.

Since the fall of 2013, I have been working with an artist to turn my High Voltage pilot into a comic book. Television is not an easy endeavor to get into. People who already have TV shows have proven that they deserve to have their show on the air.
While I am waiting and using every inch of my willpower to get High Voltage into television, my secondary goal with this series I have created is to make it into comics. Growing up, I have been a fan of reading books and comics. I think it would be pretty cool if I could use the first comic I am creating as a lead in to get published and create more chapters down the road. I mean… let’s face it! A lot of great stories were books or comics before they became television shows or movies. Perhaps High Voltage will end up going down the same road.



While I am generally nice to everyone I encounter, I am human, so I can get annoyed just like everyone else :p. Though the information below is going to seem a little harsh, I am not trying to be mean or hurtful in anyway. People tend to ask me the same questions or make assumptions without reading into things, which can be very tiresome in most cases. The information below this message is meant to help prevent people from making common mistakes or asking me the same questions over and over again.

*******I am the creator of High Voltage. I write the stories, I decide on how I want all my characters to look, personality, clothing style, colors, what kind of powers I want them to have, etc. All the characters and the way they look are of my original thought, but I DID NOT draw any of them! I hire talented individuals to draw the characters or action scenes for High Voltage, the images you see before you on your screen. So please do not tell me I did a great job drawing the characters or the scenes. Art credit is located within the description of the image, along with a brief bio of the characters or scenes. So make sure you read those before you comment. It's easy... click on an image of a potential character you like, scroll down (you will see the art credit and the character biography)******

*******High Voltage is a solo act! I am not looking for any writers, editors, character suggestions, etc. My goal is to keep High Voltage 100% original and 100% my own creation without the influence of other people. Same goes for people who are asking if they can be an artist for High Voltage. Nothing personal... but if I need extra people to do anything artistic for High Voltage, I will seek you out. If you would like to do fan art and High Voltage character OCs, I am open to that and will be happy to put any fan art in my gallery. Just be aware that any OCs you create will not appear in the actual High Voltage storyline!******

Which Character Do You Think Would Win In A Fight? Red Lightning VS Dark Thunder -- Place Your Bets! 

65 deviants said Dark Thunder: The Lightning Mutant by H-Voltage Dark Thunder
33 deviants said Red Lightning: The Lightning Mutant by H-Voltage Red Lightning

High Votlage Beginnings Comic


Story created and written by Chris Carter (H-Voltage)
Artwork provided by Nao Yukiko

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